Toshiba computer restarts and nothing only black screen with white curser

I have toshiba computer , couple nights ago i had the power cord unplugged from it and it went dead . I plugged it back in and it came up it wouldnt load normally or in safe mode message came up saying it needed to windows needed to repair could take up to an hour. When i got up the next morning the screen was black with a white cursor. I take the battery out and start it again it shows the windows screen but when it starts to load up it stops again black screen. When i try to start it in safe mode it stops loading when it gets to class drivers wont go no further than goes right back to same screen. the green lights or amber what ever they are solid while loading when it stops one of them flashes continuous.
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  1. Just re-install the OS. Sounds like your Hard disk data was corrupted. A re-install will write over the current system files that are necessary to get you up and running again.

    Don't format the drive if you need files that were on there. You can just re-install over the top and should not lose much data (depends what was being accessed/written when power cut.)
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