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Want to buy a new card for low price with max performance.

hi, i have 19" CRT monitor and ASUS m2n SLI deluxe MOTHERBOARD,2 GB DDR2 533MHz and ASUS en 7600gs silent 512MB Ci express, amid Alon x2 am2 3600 cpu. i want to upgrade it with graphics card. would rad eon cards compatible with this and i mostly play games at 1024 by 768 res. any answer appreciated.
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  1. What´s your psu?
    What´s your budget?
    50 $ - > ATI HD 4650
    65 $ -> ATI HD 5570

    BOth of them are basic cards.

    I would recommend you spend more money and get:

    80 $ -> ATI HD 5670

    120 $ -> GEFORCE GTS 450 (85 $ with rebate...)
  2. If you are playing on a 19" monitor at 1024 resolution, you are wasting your screen and game quality. Toms has a recomended graphics card list just about every month,,2834.html, once you get a new card, I suggest you try runnning the games at 1280x1024, you will be able to fit a lot more on the screen.
  3. thx dominaz. i have 500watts cpu, my budget is around 150 bucks and i would switch to higher res ahead. again pls suggest me. and how about radeon hd 4850 for me ?
  4. ok hang the 9. i ll start at 1280x1024. so what are your suggestions ?
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    Is it a quality PSU? COuld you tell me Amps in 12 V rails?
    4850 is a good card but quite old, it should be better to go for a

    5770 -> 100 $

    Geforce GTX 460 -> 120 $

    And the rest of the money could go for a good psu, I mean a Psu with at least 30 A in the 12 V rails.
  6. thx dominaz 1 again. i think what you say is wise, i can save rest of money for a good psu of atleast 30A in the 12 V rails. and one more thing what points make 5770 better than 4850 i mean i know its newer than and better but i too can 4850 at cheaper rates and can play my games at it. what do u say about it ? and i have seen the two card suggested the core clock and effective memory clock is higher in gtx 460 than 5770 and stream processors of 5770 are more than gtx 460...can you pls throw some light on that. much appreciated thx again.
  7. 5770 Directx 11, Low power consumption, Good performance
    4850 Directx10.1, Higher power consumption (arround 30 W more than 5770), lower performance.

    SO I would choose 5770 (It´s arround 15 % faster than 4850)

    If you want something cheaper you could get 5750 which is still a bit faster than 4850.
  8. the 4850 is a beast, I have two of them and they still run well.

    That being said, they do run hot and the 5770 is probably the better option for your setup since it is cooler, draws less power, and has dx11.

    Don't listen to anyone telling you to buy a 5850 or above, your CPU would bottleneck you WAY before you utilized those high end cards.
  9. thx dominaz 1 again for ur honest suggestions. mr jericho i think 5850 will overkill my pc and me that would be more than needed for a config like mine. dominaz shall i buy a 5770 at last. and does it will fit on my m2n sli deluxe asus mobo. coz i heard that 5770 has a power connector in it to be plug on mobo pls suggest. and dmcclelland 1 thx to u too for limiting me from high end unneeded cards thx to you. appreciation.
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  11. You have a 1.9mhz dual core processor of an old architecture. It is going to limit either of the HD5770 or GTX 460 a large amount, especially at a low resolution like yours. If you don't want to upgrade the processor this HD4830 is just $60;
    It is a good deal and you really won't see much benefit from a more powerful/expensive card, if any.
    If you are willing to upgrade your processor Asus does say your board can handle AM3 processors;
    You'll want at least a dual core at 3ghz or higher for current games but if you can afford it a Phenom II x4 is the best option. After upgrading then the cards linked in your best answer are good choices.
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