I5 2400 or AMD x4 745/ 755 BE

Hello everybody, I am hoping you can give some advice.

I am building a budget rig (about $700 total) and just about finalized it. I've bought a HDD and am holding off buying the other parts. However looking at this week's newspaper ads I noticed that the i5 2400 is on sale for only $149 at a local electronics store. It will definitely add at least $30-40 not including the motherboard and insurance (since I won't be building for a few weeks), but I was wondering if it would be worth the cost. Keep in mind money is very tight, I'd like to keep it no higher than $650 absolute tops (not including the HDD, as mentioned).

Here's the rest of the build (minus CPU).

Thank you very much.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What is the purpose of the rig?
  2. the i5-2400 is a VERY capable cpu, defeating all X4/X6 rigs in 99% of most useage scenarios, save for *perhaps* a few heavy multitasking scenarios where perhaps the two extra cores of the X6 might shine somewhat....

    My opinion: get the i5-2400, and don't look back!
  3. In pure performance terms, the i5-2400 is streets ahead and will last you a long time. I think it's worth the extra spend.
  4. Sorry for the late reply; had a very busy day yesterday. Thanks for the replies so far.

    The purpose is mainly a gaming computer. Maybe running programs like Fraps or a music player alongside it, but nothing much more intense than that as far as I can see in the immediate future.
  5. The i5-2400 is better that any of those AMD CPUs, so, if you don't want overclock the CPU the i5-2400 is the way to go. If you want overclock your CPU in future, move on to the i5-2500k or Phenom II X4 or X6 BE that comes with unclock multiplier are the best option.

    Can I suggest your change the RAM for this one?
  6. i5 2400 FAR better
  7. The 2400 at stock clockspeeds defeats the X4/X6 rigs at gaming framerates even if/when the latter are overclocked to 4 Ghz anyway, so I'd not necessarily be easily swayed into choosing an X4 for it's alleged ability to be OC'd ...
  8. Ok it looks like the i5 is worth the extra money. As far as overclocking goes that was a "if it's cheap" sort of deal (which is why I'm not looking at the 2500k).

    I have more questions, but I'll take them to their respective forums. Thank you everyone.
  9. i5 2400 would be my choice for you my friend... i have one, and i was able to turbo mode / OC, it to 3.99GHZ for single threaded apps = 1 core, for 2-3 cores = 3.7-3.8GHZ, and four active cores @ 3.6-3.7GHZ..... i've done this w/o tweaking any voltages, with the help of the MSI board that i got....

    and the power consumption is exceptional, i5 is only 95w and the x4 is 125-128w....
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