PC shuts itself off when playing witcher for about 10 minutes

I am really stumped, while i eas playing the witcher enhancede edition, the computer suddenly shut itself off. Ithappened twice. I could then browse the internet wothout any problems. Now , today, i continued conducting troubleshooting tests. I was running a scheduled memory test at startup,a and about 3 minutes in, the computer shut off again. I have ruled out the new graphics card, gtx 460 by nvidia, being the problem. The temperatures of the components in the computer are good.( 49 degrees celscius at the most on any component) using hw monitor.When the computer shuts down it tries to reboot but fails over and over again. i have to press down on the power button to shut the computer down. I beleive the problem is either RAM or the PSU

I know the gtx 460 graphics card is not the problem. The cpus temperature is fine too, at about 22 degrees celscius.

I am using a corsair brand 600 watt power supply. 48 amps 12v single rail
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  1. Try with one stick of RAM at a time.
  2. is the fan on the PSU spinning? if the PC hard powers off it is very likely a faulty PSU.
  3. Sounds like bad memory. Try setting times and voltages manually. We can try and give you the timings/voltage if we know the RAM you have (Add that info. for us). Try one stick in the first slot, closest to the CPU/HSF.

    22 C seems a bit low for the proc though. What is your ambient temperature (room temp)? It sounds like a false temp reading because 22 C is usually around room temp (71.6 F actually. Thank you mental math!) and it is not likely your CPU is running that cool. Post your system specs and we can try and go from there. Also, it could be your PSU as well. It is likely not to low-powered but, it may have a problem itself.

    Disconnect all unnecessary HDD's, make sure the PSU fan is spinning and, check the temp. for your chipset. That can sometimes cause problems.
  4. okkay, now the computer shuts off about 3 minutes after tuning it on, oh and also, when the computer turns off, the leds on the motherboard are still on, so the psu is still supplying power
  5. i found the problem it is so simple i am embarrased. The 24 pin power adaptor for the motherboard was no properly plugged in. Thanks anyway everyone
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