ERROR: Unsupported CPU Installed

I recently had to replace my AMD Phenom II 910 with a Phenom II 945 and after checking that the cpu was supported on my motherboard ( ) I couldn't figure out what was wrong, HP says that the mobo supports Phenom II's 9xx/9xxe/8xx.

Is it possible that I need to update my BIOS, and if so, would that force me to reformat the hard drive?

Any ideas?
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  1. what is your pc model number?

    There also seems to be a violet 1 version.

    And the support of HP isnt very good.
  2. The link you sent me shows the motherboard having an IDE connection next to the power and my original processor would not have worked on that motherboard, so I am still pretty sure it is still the model I gave
  3. I really need a solution to this because Newegg does not allow returns of a CPU, only replacements. Any advice at all would be appreciated. (I type this with anger towards HP for all the problems they have caused me over the past few weeks)
  4. Could also be possible your cpu is a 125w.Since your mobo only supports 95w rated cpus then i think you might have a cpu revision C2.
    What cpu revision is your current Phenom II X4 945?
    Revision C2 is a 125 rated cpu

    Where as C3 is a 95w rated cpu.
  5. --- This is the page I bought it from, it says it's a 95W (Fits 45 nm and is Deneb core)
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