Keep a 7 year old Lian Li PC-V2000B Case or Buy New?

4 or 5 years ago I thought I had the funds to do some serious (for me) splurging in the Liquidcooling-OCing side of things.

I bought a customized Lian Li PC-V2000B with handles, soundproofing, windowed sidepanel, fan controllers and a triple 120mm (or so) liquid cooling radiator built into the horizontal shelf that seperates the motherboard and PSU compartments.

5 years later its collecting dust.

Is it viable for me to keep it or would I be better off buying a newer case?

Have there been serious improvements in how cases are designed, in airflow design etc in the last 7 years since this case was made?

I know it has USB 2.0 ports. Can these older USB ports be replaced with USB 3.0 or should I expect to buy a PCI-e USB 3.0 card and go from there?

And the other thing that worries me a little is that this was one of those cases where the PSU is placed on the bottom and the motherboard is put in upside down. This Ive read creates problems with motherboards using heat pipes. How big a problem is this?

So anyway, Im in a quandry! Curious if I should finally make use of this case or start fresh and buy a Coolmaster HAF 932 Advanced.

Your thoughts greatly appreciated (1st timer poster here)!!


(As this would only be my second build, Im probably NOT going to be getting into Liquidcooling for the time being)

Thread talking about the case I have:


Specifications and Measurements:

•All aluminum construction

•Full-tower form factor - 210x617x625 mm (W,H,D)

•Accommodates E-ATX motherboards with 7 expansion slots

•Upside-down / reverse motherboard mounting - motherboard faces right side

•8.3" x 24.3" x 24.6" (210mm x 617mm x 625mm)

•7x 5.25" bays

•12x 3.5" internal bays

•Front headphone and microphone jacks

•2x front USB 2.0 ports

•Front 6-pin 1394 port

•120mm front intake fan with filter

•2x 80mm rear exhaust fans + 120mm rear exhaust fan with deflector

•Front power button + power and HDD LEDs

•Locking wheels
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  1. looking at an article on the case, It's a HUGE, but fairly modern design, especially the bottom-mount PSU slot.

    7 5.25" bays and 12(!) 3.5" bays is probably overkill and a half. I'd probly add the 2 80mm fans above the PSU, and you might want to get some cable extensions just from the size of the thing. Otherwise, yeah it's still a fine case. Probly as big as a HAF X
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