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Hello, I just wanted to ask a question. I have a laptop and I had bought some new RAM, which is clocked higher than my processor (which is an E-350 APU), supports. It is rated for 1600MHz and is running at 1066MHz (which is the "max" speed for my processor). I was reading around and heard that 1333MHz is supported (unofficially) by the processor, and all of the other components. I was wondering if there was a way to clock the RAM to these speeds.

Just a few add-ons. My BIOS doesn't let me change ANYTHING (HP, go figure), so I can't change anything there. If this isn't possible, then don't hesitate to say so, I am content with this RAM, and I was wondering if there was an even bigger performance boost possible. If you need more info, just ask.



Thanks in advance, newtzy33. :)
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  1. Unfortunately OEM manufacturer's (HP, Dell.....) disable all of those features in the BIOS to make it easier for them to support. So yes, the processor can use 1333MHz RAM, but there is no way to make the change in your BIOS.

    Sorry :(
  2. Okay, sounds good. I guess the only way, which I'm not willing to do, is flash the BIOS with a modded one. Thanks.
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