How do I go about connecting 2 120mm fans to my PSU?

Hi, I'm totally new to installing case fans and need help connecting these 120mm fans to my psu. Eventually I'll get a controller but for now I just need them directly connected to my psu.

Here is a picture for the connectors of the fan.

I have two of these fans that came with my case.

Here are the connectors that my modular power supply came with(I have two cables that have those connections)

(you may notice I'm on the carpet, I'll be installing all of the other components on the hardwood floor, just want to figure out where everything goes first)

Those are all on one cable. Do I just connect the two molex(I believe that's the term) connectors from each fan to each other and then connect one molex cable from my psu to the two connected fans? If that's not how please let me know, I'm very confused at this point o_O

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm not used to some of this stuff,
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  1. Connect the power supply to one fan, and connect the two fans together, just like you thought. You can also connect each fan to a different power supply connector if you have enough unused connectors. It's up to you.
  2. Fan1 female molex connector plugs into fan2 male connector, psu's male connector plugs into fan2's female connector,
    Its referred to as daisychaining and its fine up to around 16 fans (miles of cable notwithstanding :P)
  3. Sorry for the bump, but could you daisy chain fans and then connect the last one ot the mobo using 3 pin connector?
  4. You could, up to a point -- the headers on mainboards can't handle much power. I'd suggest two or maybe three fans per header, maximum. Also, drawing more power from the mainboard like that might affect overclocking.
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