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So my asus motherboard has been giving me problems, First notable problem was the System time, whenever i disable power completely from the system it resets to a 2007 date, not when a turn off the computer or restart, just when I cut of the power supply completely( with PS power switch or just unplugging it), The motherboard is a "M5A97 Evo" and on page 2-16 of the manual it has a section on clearing RCT RAM and discusses moving a jumper on the board, i look at the board and there is no jumper where it is suppose to be so a imagine that's the problem, but not sure where to find a new jumper, this is my first pc build so I have nothing to spare laying around. I did not lose it and was very careful when assembling my system.

Second Problem is BIOS update, when I first started my computer recognized both of my 4 gig sticks, then it went to just 1 4 gig sticks, after resetting the memory, moving it, and trying every thing I could think of I finally went to the ASUS web site and looked at BIOS updates for my board, sure enough there was one and it specified it "helped fix memory issues" or something along those lines, so I think "great, exactly what I need." So I download and try to flash my BIOS, I try Flashing in all possible ways, and even re downloaded the BIOS file multiple time thinking the DL was corrupt or I got the wrong one, I even tried both updates available at the time( there was 2 ahead of what my MB had on it) and whenever it would load the BIOS file it would just stop and not do anything, just telling me the BIOS file was loading and refused to install it at all, luckily my computer was not damaged so I can image it wouldn't start the update at all as opposed to failing to update.

I could return to asus, but I notice there RMA policy says they will not cover missing components, so I am thing they will give me hell over this for one jumper, sounds silly but after reading some customer service stories I wouldn't put it past them. I believe they take credit card information as part of the RMA process and don't want to get charged for a replacement over something like this.

If this is something that is fixable I would love to know how to do it but I am more than certain I have a bad board. I would also like an opinion on asus customer service as far as a missing components goes
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  1. I'm surprised you got as far as you did without that jumper. Ask a friend or a repair shop for one, then install it on the "NORMAL, " not on the "RESET" pins according to your manual. You should be able to flash your BIOS and not have to reset the clock.
  2. Not having the clear CMOS jumper fitted in the normal position would cause the CMOS clock to lose its time when the power is turned off. It should not affect your ability to flash your BIOS which I think that there is no point in doing. Make sure the clear CMOS link is fitted in the correct position before applying power as if fitted to the clear position with the power on can damage the motherboard. As for the memory problem have you tried removing and refitting the memory and try resetting the CMOS memory.
  3. i think its fixed, found a jumper out of a dvd drive and used it, surprisingly I can update the BIOS now also.
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