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Hmm, regarding the building of ships:

a) In planets you just give all kinds of commands and wait for them to
be executed. That's all you do right? So all you need are objects to
give them orders.
b) Ships are built at the beginning of the turn.
c) Newly built ships can fight. Indeed they can even initiate a fight.
So they are able to do something *actively*.

--> Why can't you give orders to newly built ships? Why can't a ship
fly to a waypoint? It is built at the beginning of the turn, what are
the cremen doing in the meantime? Don't they get bored? ;) (Ok, you can
say it's by design, but is there a good reason for it?).

So some thoughts, so that the whole thing may be more straightforward:

1) Ships should be built at the end of turn, or
2) You should either be able to give commands to ships that are being

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    The main problem is that, until Host is run, the new ships are not
    objects and will not be objects until an object ID can be assigned to
    it (which cannot happen until Host is running).
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    Sorry, but I fail to see any improvement in your suggestions:
    1) With a build at the beginning of the turn at least they could help
    defend the base - by the end of the turn there may be nothing left to
    build a ship
    2) Are you sure you want to give commands to a ship which doesn't
    exist, yet? I see this as a safe way to needless work and confusion.

    Just my 0.02$
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    More choice in quick build: option to load Fuel, Ord, repair,HG, Troop.

    I would like this to be possible with regular ship building.

    Commands would be nice to have but is low priority compare to the ship
    loading basic stuff.

    Lord Lancelot
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    Ok, ok, you convinced me!
    @Amaranthine: I guess that could be done, but would require some
    (unnecessary) work for Tim.
    @Lord Lancelot::More choice in quick build: This definitively would be
    @Sparrow: Didn't mean to sadden you ;)


    P.S. Sorry, if this message gets sent twice!
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    Ah, you misunderstand me. I acknowledge and agree that it would be
    unnecessary. I was merely stating what a major hurdle could be.
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    As I stated in this thread:,
    it would be great to have the standard ship screen pop up when you
    click on the Build button so that you could change the settings there.

    It wouldn't be hard to program, it would just be a different way of
    doing things. At the point of pressing the build button, the new
    object would be created, possibly in a separate variable for pending
    ship builds. When new ships are built, it would loop through those and
    make the decisions such as whether or not the building base exists
    anymore, resource point conditions are met, etc.

    Anyways, having this extra screen would allow you to beam up what you
    wanted from the planet in the quantity that you wanted, set your
    devices as desired (including cloak) and other settings that any ship
    should be able to do the first turn that they are built. Although
    ships can be a nice defensive maneuver for protecting a base, at the
    same time some settings or lack thereof can make them vulnerable. Like
    the cloak, unicom, sandcasters, etc. devices.

    As Jochen first stated, there is no reason that a newly build ship
    should twiddle its thumbs for a turn.

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