My Ping is High but I have good Signal.

When ever I go on my internet my speed seems kinda slow and its usually fast. Also when I play games like TF2 my ping is usually 50 - 100 ,but now it increases by 200 - 900! I scanned for adware and viruses but I there was non and I cleaned all my registry files but its still slow. I use a Netgear Wg111v3 adapter and my router is a NETGEAR Wireless-N Router WNR2000. The only other person who uses the same network is my sister but she isn't usually around as much and when she is my ping is still quite low. What do i do???
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  1. When you ping what/where are you pinging to?
    Reason I ask is your wireless is an internal net while the internet is external net.
    You can be wirelessly xmitting at 108mbs or greater but if your internet service provider throttles you down or a web site is slow you will get long pings.
  2. is the server in pinging to. I play this mostly in Team Fortress 2.
  3. Its either the server or your ISP
    I pinged the site and got 37ms
    It's your ISP, give them a call
  4. It seems that when ever my sister uses her computer my ping skyrockets. We must of been using to much bandwidth. Thanks for the help ill call my isp and ask them to increase my bandwidth.
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