XFX HD 6970 2GB low frame rate

I recently purchased the XFX HD 6970 2gb graphics card. I've been playing around and on most games it seems fine (this is just based on the fact that it looks amazing and has no lag whatsoever). However, on Starcraft 2 as some of you may know, you can actually look at your FPS while playing, and I've noticed a couple weird things while playing.
Firstly, when the game starts off there's not much going on so the FPS is at around 100-110, but then as the game play gets more intense it starts to drop... by A LOT. I'm not talking just down to 80 or 60, but there are points where I actually hover at 20-30, and I have experienced some major lag where the FPS goes down to single digits. (Note: This is all played with max settings at 1920x1080, and as far as I know AA isn't enabled because I don't think you can actually turn it on/off in SC2 itself. Also, I have gone and made sure that I have the latest drivers.)
I don't know why it drops like that. Might it just be waiting for AMD's drivers? I honestly don't know, but any help would appreciated! Thanks.

Almost forgot:
XFX HD6970 2GB
Intel Q8300 quad core @ 2.5ghz
G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB (2 x 4gb) 1333mhz
Western Digital 500gb caviar black
Kingwin lazer 1000w
Cooler master Haf 932
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  1. im pretty sure its a CPU bottleneck, you could OC your CPU a little and see if it helps :)
  2. SC2 is very CPU intensive so it will relay on a fast CPU.Altough you may be bottlenecking your GPU that isn't the issue with SC2.I bought a 6870 thinking i would be able to max it out easily,but no.It is just the game,it favors Nvidia cards over ATI and it is a little strange.I upgraded from a 5570 to a 6870 and i have little gain.I too get around 100+fps when the game starts,but as more units come onto the field it will drop into the 30's.It's not the card or the computer it's just the way the game works.
    But O.C.ing your CPU would help gain some more FPS in other games as well as SC2.
  3. Not only is SC2 graphically intensive, but FPS in the 20's will happen with even the fastest i7's with 580's in SLI. It is quite intensive.
  4. Yeah, my i7 860 @ 3.2Ghz holds my 6970 back in some games. Furmark and BF:BC2 gain significant FPS when I overclock my 860 up to 4Ghz. It is pretty upsetting that my i7 is a bottleneck. The point is that you are very liking CPU bound. As others have mentioned, you should OC your CPU as much as possible.
  5. Keep in mind, the bottleneck goes back and forth between CPU and GPU depending on the game. There is no way to always have the perfect balance of CPU and GPU because it's game dependent. All you can do is try to get the average.

    And just because increasing your CPU speed causes an game increase in FPS, does not mean your system is CPU bottlenecked. In SC2 for example, increasing the CPU will almost always increase FPS, but so does increasing your GPU.
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