Suggestion for an Upgrade from a 5770

I'm currently running an ATI HD 5770 card in my SFF case. This is the case & PS:

The PS is 300W - 80Plus.

I originally chose the 5770 for it's performance in addition to its power consumption. To date, I've not had a single problem with this setup and the most I've "ever" seen it draw is about 190W at the wall (using a Kill-a-watt). I was wondering if there might be a decent upgrade path from this card to a newer model with better performance. The only other two peripherals in the case are a slim-line DVD burner and a SSD as the only hard drive.

If anyone can make suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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  1. Well you probably could use a HD6850 but it would not be a mind blowing upgrade.
  2. Would you really put a 6850 on that PSU though? I mean is that fine? I'm not sure myself.
  3. Based on his load of 190watts with the HD5770 we are only talking about adding about 20watts of load and here total system load running Furmark 274 watt
  4. Oh nevermind, I guess I don't know what PSU comes with that case exactly, and what I thought it was was very poor. I still don't know what the exact ratings on that PSU are, however.

    EDIT - Well I finally found the one that is in the picture with the silverstone case, this is it.

    Looks good to me. :D
  5. Decent specs for a 300watt two +12 volt rails at 19 amps peak load each and constant load of 264watts 22amps combined.
  6. The HD 6850 would be your best bet at the moment. It's better than a GTX 460 while only using a bit more power than the 5770.

    Here are some insanely cheap ones.

    Only thing is, are you even sure your case can handle a dual slot card? Is the 5770 you currently have a dual slot?
  7. It sure does take a 2 slot card :)

    And its so tiny :)

    And with some mods it can even take 2 drives
  8. In that case you should totally go for the card I posted.
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