Sapphire HD4670 Problems

Hey there.

I'm having some troubles with my graphics at the mo, an trying to find out if my HD4670 is on its last legs.
I play World of Warcrack a lot an recently in game have been seeing extra graphics which shouldn't be there.

I haven't really had a graphics card go funny on me like this before, so was after a 2nd opinion.

Also if my card is on its last legs could I get some advice on a decent card to play World of Warcrack on?

My pc specs is -
ECS GeForce6100PM-M2 v2.0(Socket AM2 ) (Chipset Nvidia MCP61)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6ghz
4GB - Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048-6400C5
Sapphire HD 4670 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E
Acer X193HQ (1360x768@62Hz)
Western digital 500gb caviar black
480W Vcool ATX Power Supply
Windows 7 32bit

Thanks in advanced
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  1. Are you monitoring temps? Have you cleaned the cooler on the card recently?
  2. Thanks for your reply :)
    Been monitoring temps, they sit at 30 idle around 70 when playing games
    I have cleaned the whole tower out, top too bottom with an air can.
    Applied new thermal paste to CPU an GPU.

    Its a bit funny because the other day the pc would just freeze. Press reset and it would work again. It would freeze up at random times, when checking email, browsing the web, listening to music or playing wow.
    Since its been cleaned it hasn't locked up once.
  3. Well freezes look to have been temperature related. But if the card was the culprit the cleaning can have been to late and some damage occurred.
  4. OK thanks for the info.
    That would probably explain the extra graphics in the screen shots above??

    Could you recommend a card to replace the HD 4670?
  5. What is your budget HD5670, HD5750 and HD5770 in PCI express version 2.0 flavor would all be good candidates.
  6. I can go to around £120.
    From what I've been reading in other posts on this site. Blizzard games work better with Nvidia cards?
    Also because I have a Nvidia chipset its better to go with an Nvidia card?

    I do like AMD products an have always favoured them. My very first card was an Nvidia though an I never had any problems with that what so ever ;)
  7. GTS 450 would then become a good option. will be a massive upgrade from your HD4670
  8. Thanks ever so much for your help an time :) You been most helpful :D
  9. You are welcome anytime!
  10. The GTS 450 would rock if your psue can support it since it needs a 6 pin pcie power source. If not and you don't want to upgrade your psu then the 5670 would be a good replacement at those resolutions.
  11. I'm looking at replaceing the psu because this brand is sort of unknow.
    Hardley any info on the net about it an it come from maplin...

    Thanks for your reply Punnar :)
  12. I had a 8600 GT which I wanted something a little faster, so I read the reviews and bought a HD4670. That was a big, big, big mistake. I play MW4,3 and 2, MS Flight simulator and Battlefield. It takes a lot of tweaking of not only the HD4670 card but game graphics as well to get it to where you might be able to stand it.
    Then just when you think you got it, it works, you jump in to a vehicle in Battlefield, and that's when it fails, you can see the problems the card is having trying to produce the images before you reach that area. It is so bad you see it drawing as you drive, same issue with flight simulator.

    The card has been over rated a great deal, in actual performance, not what the manufacture says, actual user performance, it sucks big time and the 8600 GT smokes it even at 256 MB compared to the 1 GB.
    I look at the HD4670 and I compare it to a Volkswagen on nitro, It can give the V8 a run for the money, but in the long run it,can't keep up.

    So to resolve this issue, I bought a 9600GT 1GB, never been happier with the results, it was a big waste of my time even dealing with the HD4670. I will say this, if you are just walking or running in a game, it doesn't have a problem, but the minute you fly or drive, you'll be beating you head on the wall.
    If you just play Delta force, you can't go wrong, but don't try to run any high dollar scenery of high frame rate games.
  13. My System:
    AMD X4 3.4GHZ
    RAM 4 GIG
    22" Full HD 1080 P ViewSonic
    XP PRO
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