Upgrade power supply on acer aspire x3400

upgrade power supply on acer aspire x3400 micro tower.i need to upgrade to 400watt can it be done.if so where can i find one.
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  1. What makes you think you require a 400 Watt TFX form factor power supply?

    Did you purchase a new graphics card? If you did, what is its make and model?
  2. gforce 5450 says it needs a 400w power supply
  3. randy_60 said:
    gforce 5450 says it needs a 400w power supply

    There is no such thing as a "gforce 5450". Did you mean the AMD Radeon HD 5450?

    That video card does not use much power. You should be able to use that video card on a 220w PSU depending on what components you PC has.
  4. A Radeon HD 5450 realistically won't draw more than 15 Watts (more likely only 13 Watts) under 100% GPU load.

    If your 220 Watt PSU's +12 Volt rail's current rating of 14 Amps is unable to handle a graphics card with this low of a power consumption then you really do need to trash it.
  5. I ran an Asus 5450 and upgraded to an HD7750 with no problems at all in an acer x3400 220w psu... still using it ;)
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