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I am planning to build my first pc. I need to get :
cpu - Preferably intel and must be four cores
ram, DDR3 (must be 4 or more gigs)
motherboard, Must support DDR3 Ram and must have at least 4 slots for ram, 2 pci express (one of them the speed must x16 the other does not really matter but the higher the better )
hard drive, At least 1 tb not sure what make to choose
dvd writer, any brand will be fine
power supply - must have enough power for the components that you recommend and must have a 6 and 8 pin connector for my gpu
a case. - must be a mid or full tower with good ventilation and must look nice and stylish

I already have a sapphire hd6950 graphic card. This card requires a 1x6pin and 1x8pin power connectors

Your help would be really appreciated.
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  1. Well what's your budget and what do you plan this computer to be used for?
  2. $530 to $600 is my budget. Plan to use it for gaming
  3. Do you wish to overclock and/or add a second video card in the future?
  4. want to overclock. Yeah thinking about putting a second card one in the future but not any time soon maybe about 4 years but not thinking about it very much
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