Is my model support Ivy Bridge?

Recently, I've read an information from which said that all new generation of motherboards will support Ivy Bridge Processor and PCIE 3.0 and they also give a list of motherboards which will have these very awesome technologies but I can't see my model (GA-H61M-S2PV rev 2.0) there. Would anyone tell me if my motherboard supports Ivy Bridge Processors? Thanks.
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  1. They are talking about the new 7 series that was just release. like the z77, b75, x79.... There will be some z68 that will support ivy with a bios updated, but as far as I know, H61's will not be able to support ivy bridge
  2. Your board still isn't on there. I'm surprised by the list, but your board still doesn't make it...
  3. H67, P67, and Z68 will support Ivy Bridge with a BIOS update, but H61 and Q67 will not. X79 boards will not support standard Ivy Bridge either. It will support IB-E.
  4. Hkcuong said:

    Like I said, the only LGA 1155 boards that will support Ivy Bridge CPUs are the H67, P67, and Z68 boards.

    Your board is H61, so it won't. Sorry.
  5. Yes, Z68, H67 and P67 is going to be Ivybridge compatible.. H61 is not.
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