GTX 580 with 650 watt?

Corsair is saying that it would work and so are some other Power supply calculators. You think it would work. Whats the biggest card i could go with? I got a PC Cooling Silencer MKII 650 watt which gets 54 amps. I got a i7 950, 6 gigs of DDR3 and 2 hard drives. The power supply calculator's results though seem kind of low honestly

Also im not overclocking anything. I got a GTX 460 right now but just so I know for the future on what to buy
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  1. Doesn't Nvidia say the minimum is a 600w? I'm pretty sure you will be fine with a good brand 600w power supply, and since yours is PC Power and Cooling and 650w you will be fine.
  2. A good 650W unit will power any single card, regardless of if its dual GPU card or a single high power GPU. You can run two lower power GPUs on a good 650W PSU
  3. ah ok so maybe the Power Supply Calculators arint lieing then
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