First Time Build - Sata HD issue

Hi everyone…first time builder who is very appreciative for all the support given in these forums which I have used many thank you!

I was able to put together my build with the exception of bios & windows not recognizing my two hard drives. Below are the specs:

CPU: Intel i7 2600k
MB: Asrock P67 Professional Motherboard
Memory: 2 4gb GSkill Ripjaws
GPU: GTX 580 1.5gb
PSU: Corsair 1200 watts
Optical Drive: Samsung Blu-Ray
Hard Drive: Western Digital Black 1tb Sata Drive
2nd Hard Drive: OCZ SSD 60gb
Case: Thermaltake gt level 10

Now at first I thought it might be the hard drives, so I went ahead and installed them in my other pc without issue. Both showed up and went through the formatting process.
Then I thought maybe it was the case since this case has a hot swapping feature which has all the hard drives wired to the same power cable. So I went ahead and plugged in an individual sata and power cable to the Western Digital HD, and still nothing.
I’m wondering now if it’s the motherboard, but the strange thing is that the Blu Ray Drive shows up without issue, and I’m able to install Windows 7 up to the point where it asks for a hard drive. The motherboard also has an onboard diagnostics lcd, and it seems to go through the normal process, but then stops at A2 which means IDE Detect. Also if I try to move around the cables and place the Blu Ray Drive in another sata port other then 0 or 1 it doesn’t show up either. I did notice that other people have had issues with this board, plus the whole sata/sandy bridge issue which I wouldn’t think would affect this board since I bought it on 3/25, and I believe the sata issue was a gradual process.

I went through all the checkpoints in the boot issue thread, and made sure all of the cables were securely in place.

So I’m wondering if I’m missing a step, or does it sound like an issue with the motherboard or another component.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! feels like I’m at the finish line, but being held back at the last second.
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  1. Somewhere in your bios is a place you can tell it to use IDE vs sata. Set this to IDE until you have the os installed. My guess is you dont have sata drivers yet buy W7 will fix that for you. It's what I had to do
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