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So recently I found out that a freezing problem that dated back before the purchase of a new motherboard and CPU has most likely been coming from mixing 2 completely different ram types and timings together. So now knowing that i took the sticks out that came with my older pre built and I now only have 4GB of ram, I know for most people that could be enough but being a networking student I run a fair amount of virtual machines and 4GB in my opinion is not enough. The only computer store near me is all out of my ram and by the looks of it won't be getting more anytime soon so my question is, are there any 1333 ram kits with 9-9-9-24 timings and a voltage of 1.65v that would pair well with my current patriot sector 5 ram? And if there are will the freezing problem happen again even with all the same specs but different brands brands or will I be okay with different ram and matching specs?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
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  1. That would be great but there wouldn't be any problems with the mixing of the ram
  2. It's the same brand, speed, voltage, and timings, so there should be no problem.

    Where you get into trouble with different brands is that they use different model dram chips to make their ram which sometimes don't play well together. Even if all else was the same. Patriot is rarely compatible with any other brand.
  3. OK well thanks alot it is greatly appreciated
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