Wavy lines on webpages with 22 inch Acer monitor

why do I have wavy lines on webpages with 22 inch Acer monitor?
I'd appreciate the reply

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  1. What is the make and model of the computer and/or graphics card? What is the model number of the Acer 22 inch monitor?
  2. ^ You could check if the monitor drivers were installed. It might normally be a graphics driver issue, uninstall it, and get the latest/
  3. What resolution and refresh rate are you set at? What type of video connection are you using?
  4. Try a different monitor/graphics card.
  5. ;) ;)
    thankyou all for the suggestions but I somehow didn't have my grafix and settings installed so that took care of the problem. sometimes this gets a little overwhelming.
    again thankyou,


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