New Build Won't Boot Because of CPU

I finally got my new build all put together but when i turned it on for the first time it wouldn't boot. Later i read that this little blue LED next to the CPU that was constantly on was a bad thing. On the Asus P8P67 WS Revolution they have these little LED's called diagnosis lights next to all the major components when one goes off your supposed to fix the problem and then the LED will go off. the problem is i don't know what to fix. I took the heatsink off took, the CPU out and everything seemed fine. So any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also when i press the MEM-OK button the whole system shuts down. is this bad?
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    You took the CPU out and everything seemed fine? Um, OK, I guess you should leave the CPU out, if everything seems fine with it out. :)

    Sorry - I couldn't resist.

    A CPU is a highly sophisticated chip. There are millions of transistors inside, and it doesn't take a lot to turn it into junk. A jolt of static electricity that you didn't even feel could do the trick, and then there's nothing you can do but replace it. A dead CPU and a working one usually look exactly the same.

    Unfortunately, it's not easy to tell whether the failure is in the CPU or in the motherboard.

    If you know someone with a compatible motherboard you could try your CPU in their motherboard, or theirs in yours - that should tell you whether it is the CPU or the motherboard that is broken. Do it very carefully, though - you do not want to damage their system too. Make sure you use an anti-static strap whenever you are inserting or removing a CPU, and make sure the power is completely off - take the mains power cord out of the power supply before you start (just shutting down leaves power connected to the motherboard so it can turn on). Also, make sure you use fresh thermal paste each time you attach the CPU cooler.

    Good luck!
  2. Let's discuss a few basic terms...

    "would not boot"----this means it powers up, self tests fine, but simply will not load an old install of some unspecified OS?

    "will not boot" is not the same thing as 'will not power on' , or, 'powers on, but no self test/POST/BIOS display"

    Which really applies for your system?
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