EVGA Z68 sli mobo, "C" post code, what is failing?

Hi everyone, I have some motherboard problems, and after a few days reading hundreds of forum posts in various websites, contacting EVGA support and trying my own stuff, I haven't solved the problem. I'm out of ideas and will return the board soon if I can't get it to work.

Problem is:

I have a new EVGA Z68 SLI motherboard and it will not post normally. Let me clarify that, it CAN post but I have to press the reset CMOS button before, everytime I power on the computer. That said, when it is booted, windows 7 is working 100%, games a working great, no problem at all so far.

Now, when I do power on the computer without clearing the bios, the motherboard doesn't post and I get the post code "C" which I heard means that there is a problem with the CPU or 24/8 pin connectors.

I have verified all connections multiple times, all components are correctly seated, I have tested all memory sticks in all spots, motherboard is on a table, non conductive surface, I have tested another psu. I flashed the bios with the new version, which is great but changed nothing to the problem.

I should add:

- It does start to post when I only install the CPU (fan unplugged) and the memory sticks, but I get a code "d6' because of no graphics card.
- When I plug the cpu fan in, "C" code. (no graphics card plugged at this point)
- When I plug the graphics card (cpu fan unplugged), "C" code.
- Keep in mind I can boot into Windows 7 if I reset the CMOS, I don't see how any component would be dead as it all works properly after booting up.

I'm out of ideas, anyone can help? Thank you!

i5 2500k
Corsair 4x4GB 1600mhz
GTX 460 SE
Arctic Freezer Pro 7 rev.2 cpu cooler
WD Caviar 640 GB
Corsair TX650W psu
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  1. I'm contacting EVGA support again, bump also..
  2. I have been working with my z68 sli with i7 2500k and am having the EXACT same problems you are. I have also tried everything you described in your post also. I am going to call EVGA support today and see if they can shed some light on this.

    I cant believe I found someone with the exact same issues, what you described is happening to me to a "T".
  3. I'm having the same issue, although bizarrely enough, it seems to only happen if I physically move the computer.
  4. I have the same problem, WTF is this? I've tried almost everything and not getting success.
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