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$825 i5-2500k & GTX 460 SLI build need PSU help

Getting ready to pull the trigger on this i5-2500k combo: $520
I already have two of these 460's I got a nice deal on: $290
And also going to use this case instead of the one in the combo:

Now I'm pretty sure the PSU in that combo isn't enough for the two 460's and even if it is I don't trust a "rosefail" running that much $$ looking at this PSU instead: Antec TruePower TP-650 650W $70

I will use the case and PSU in the combo in another build so I don't mind the extra parts. The case was only 5 bucks more than the one in the combo and the antec PSU is only 10 more putting the total cost for the build right around $825.

Want to know if that Antec PSU is going to be enough for the build and if there would be a better build option for around $825.


Edit: This is a gaming build for 1920x1200 res
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    The 300 Illusion is a great case and the TP new 650 is a great power supply that will work fine for 2 x GTX 460s.
  2. Yes I used that case in my last build and I loved it. :D
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