SLI hack help?

i got my brothers old gpu gtx 260 same as mine of course or i wouldn't be trying sli, but it doesnt seem to work as in there is no option available for sali in the NV control panel. so i heard about this hack to force mobos to use sli, but i install the patch reboot and the option is there for the sli enabled OS but when i choose it and get into windows the option still isn't there and after about 5-10 mins in the OS my screen either goes black or keeps going off and on in different res's and its impossible to do anything.

my system, i have an ipower G5630 motherboard
i7 920
fsp750-80gln PSU

also the gtx i got of my brother its not normal like miine whats already in my system it doesn't have as much memory about 200 less and it only has one sli connector slot and 1 power socket, he got his ready built from dell if that means anything looks like they but rubbish version of GPUs in. so could it be that that is the problem as its not identical?
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  1. sounds like you have 2 different gpu's
  2. iam2thecrowe said:
    sounds like you have 2 different gpu's

    yea thats what im thinking now but it comes up as a gtx 260 in to device manager, they are both there.

    i might just forget it and get a 560 ti on its own probly a better option overall anyways
  3. There must be an underline issue with one of the cards or the system but from what I have read it doesn't always works but I have tried the hack and it worked on my ati based board using two 9800gt.
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