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Need help choosing MOBO , please help thanks!

I don't know what board to choose, either this one: or this one:

i want to Crossfire/SLI, but the asus $95 one has 1x 16 , 1x 4. other ones has 1x 16, 1x 8. but the better one is $45 more. So i dont know , is it worth getting the better one? or should i stick with the asus? which i could still crossfire in.

if you think you can find a better board for around same price range , i would like the suggestions, i bought my whole build expect the mobo.

for reference, here's my build:

Case: [...] 6811156223

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Generally, I recommend the 990FX for SLI (x16/x16), the GPU you listed is an AMD (crossfire). Further, the 970 is fine with being (x8/x8), there's no GPU out there that will/can saturate PCIe 2.0 x8 lanes. The MOBO's in this side-by-side might help -
  2. the $104 and $129 are really nice! the $104 has many extras and better for its price but the $129 has 2 x16 which is really good. So im guessing i should go with that one?

    but then it still is around $40 more.
  3. The ASRock 990FX Extreme3 will be very nice! :)
  4. it is really nice, but the shipping just makes it $45 more so i might.. any other suggestions?
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