PC Issues- Graphic Card Linked?

Lately I've been experiencing some weird issues, the first thing I noticed was small red lines on certain parts of the screen which come and go, though they disn;t affect anything on their own. Then I started having random crashes, which seemed to only come when my PC was idle (ex- I'd leave the room and my computer on for 20 minutes and come back to find out the PC had reboot itself in my absence). The funny thing is this issue never comes up even under heavy video card load like playing Company of Heroes, or Starcraft II under full graphics an 1920x1080 resolution, then I always get solid performance and good frame rates.

Now I'm noticing a couple more problems, my PC will sometimes crash if I'm playing several videos simultaneously. It reboots and I get a "Graphics Driver has stopped responding and recovered succesfully..." error. Additionally, videos viewed online will freeze while audio continues and won't play until I move my mouse cursor to "wake them up".

Finally, I'm starting to have issues in games, I recently picked up Dead Space 2 and am noticing it constantly crashing at a certain part of the game(happened 5 times now) and no one else seems to have the problem, so I'm thinking it must be due to my videocard as opposed to fauly game coding.

I decided to update my drivers though I'm not entirely sure if they're actually taking effect, as it stands now my videocard driver is labelled as Version 8.812.0.0 under device manager. Is this the latest version? Do you see any other reason for the issues I've been experiencing?

I've run a fill scan with Malware Bytes, Nod32 and Spybot S&D to try and root out any malware/virus related causes, they all came back clean other than some "suspicious tracking cookies" picked up by S&D.

Here are my specs if they might help:

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium

Motherboard: Biostar T5 XE

Processor: i-750 Intel(no-overclock)

Graphics Card: ATI 5850

Ram: 4GB Ripjaws G-Skill RAM


Case: Cooler Master HAF Tower

Hard Drive: 1 Terabyte hard drive(forgot the exact model, I think it's a Western Digital)
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  1. I've been experiencing similiar issues with my 5850 using 10.12 and now 11.1.
    Never had any issues using 10.4 which is what i used for the longest time.
    Consulted a friend and he suggested trying 10.10e .
    I would say it's definitely Ati driver related.
    Amd has been concentrating on 6xxx series drivers at the expense of 5xxx drivers imo.
  2. I had the similar issue with an older NVIDIA card, a 7300 LE and did soooooooooo much troubleshooting until I confirmed that it was hardware (The card was damaged).

    I think that the best guaranteed way of finding out what the problem is caused by is trying another card.

    Sure there is a huge chance that it's a driver issue because AMD is unfortunately known for display driver issues, so you should try both upgrading and downgrading your driver, try the latest, the oldest or the one that came with the disc and ones in between, and wait for a newer driver.

    The chances are 95% that it's driver related but because I had almost the same issue which turned out to be hardware try this:
    I had the exact same problem with an NVIDA card so I think that you should find some one with the same card and try his to confirm that you don't have a hardware related problem.
    I borrowed a friends card which was the same series, it used the same driver and tried it, no issues.

  3. I tried rolling back to Driver 10.10, same problem. I think I might RMA the card.
  4. Attempt another roll back to the one that came with the disc or even older drivers otherwise, RMA.
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