Windows 7 shutdown issues

have been having issues with windows shutting down :@
i have been looking at driver issues, ms config
and bios and still no avail :(
i'm on 7 ultimate x86
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  1. When does this occur? While gaming? If so, it may be a heat issue. It may also be a power supply issue. Does the event log show anything out of the ordinary?
  2. no the log shows nothing wrong, but funnily enough the ssue has stopped since removing a wireless pci card it's stopped
  3. card or its pins could have been bad.
    sometimes taking out the card, making sure there is no dust on the contacts and re-inserting it will make it work again.
    Allot of 'hardware issues' i've seen over the years are a result of dust. Dust can have a static charge and mess w/ components
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