Could I Take Apart this Computer Easily

Im getting a used Dell XPS One and was wondering if I could take it apart as easily as a desktop with a regular tower. I ask this since the system is inside the monitor itself, like an imac. The reason I would like to take it apart is to add memory and possibly a new video card.
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  1. Its going to be a lot more difficult to disassemble, and looking at the specs im not sure you could upgrade either the video card or the ram. All in ones tend to be more like laptops and dont support graphics upgrades, and the specs on CNet suggest that it shipped with its max amount of ram, it may only have 2 sodimm slots that each take a 1GB stick.
  2. Thanks for the reply, and I figured that would happen, but I found another site that says, that you could apparently add up to 4 gigs of ram, but then again, they could have meant ready boost. I found the same info in the manual as well
  3. normally there should be a panel for the ram upgrade

    as for the video card its all on board with no upgrade slots..

    maybe dell will bring one out if a nvidia or a ati video card but even then it will be limiting on what you can do with it...
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