DVI-D cable and GTS 250 not working

I just brought a DVI cable from Newegg; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812189047&cm_re=dvi_cable-_-12-189-047-_-Product
I just got the cable and when I plugged it in the the Palit GTS 250 e-green 1gb video and to my Dell S2409W monitor, originally had a VGA cable and turned on my computer I got the boot up screen but when it came time for the OS to start up it did not. I had a black screen. I restarted in safe mode and everything was fine. I reinstalled the cards driver and updated to the newest driver in safe mode and when I booted up normally I still had the same problem. I am stuck on what to do now. If anyone knows a way to fix this please tell. Thanks in advance
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  1. Download driversweeper (just google it). Run in sfae mode and completely remove all old video drivers. When clean, reinstall the most current drivers and try again.

    If you can see an image in safe mode, but not normal mode, it is a driver issue.

    Good luck!
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