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Temps. Powersupply blowing on to CPU cooler-- uATX

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July 9, 2011 5:39:11 PM

I built a uATX system in a Silverstone SG-01 case. This is a tight unit and I'm wondering about temperatures. I have a Silverstone Stryder ST75F-P power supply. The CPU sits right below it and I swapped out the standard Intel cooler for a Shuriken Low profile. The thing is the PS's fan is on the bottom and I think it sucks air out. That would mean that it is venting hot air toward the CPU cooler and therefore is blowing hot air into the Shuriken. My temps at idle are 55-57c (real Temp) and when I fireup AutoCad, Photoshop, Sketchup They go into 60's and I've seen 72. (I am in a hot room and my monitors are putting out a lot of heat)

I've set the CPU fan speed to Turbo in AI suite's FanXpert. There is not that much noise difference between modes so I can live with it, but I'm concerned that the temps are still too high. Answers, suggestions?

There are 6 fans running in this tight case.
GPU fan
2 case fans sucking air out.
1 sucking air over the HDs
PS fan
CPU fan.

Windows 7 Pro 64
ASUS Rampage Gene III
Intel i7 930
ATI FirePro V4800
6gb Corsair Dominator 1600
Crucial SSD 128gb Drive
WD 1T drive
Silverstone SG-01 case
Silverstone ST75F-P PS

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July 9, 2011 5:46:54 PM

Power supply fans are always designed to pull air through the unit from inside the case and exhaust it outside the case, they do not blow into the case as that would be harmful to everything else in the case and only mildly helpful for the PSU.

The shuriken isnt going to be a great cooler because its low profile so it has less surface area to get rid of the heat with. Which shuriken do you have? There are a couple different models but none of them are spectacular and if the case is hot to begin with(as your idle temps indicate) then the load temps are going to be really high.

July 9, 2011 6:48:49 PM

Thanks for the reply.
This is the cooler.

I read lots that said it was good. What to believe? Based on your additional info, it seems the PS and the Shuriken are fighting for the same air in the 1/2" of space between them. They are in fact pulling at each other. This can't be good. But there is no other real choice as that is how the case is designed. Would returning to the standard cooler be better? It is a lot nosier than the Shuriken. Are the temps really too high?