Graphics card compatability for a noobian!

Howdo Tom's Hardware,

I'm a PC noob, I have a year old machine & didn't think I'd want to do any gaming on it - I changed my mind. I just have a query about whether it's feasable to get a graphics card for my machine (or if it's worth it) so that I can play things like call CoD etc. Here are my specs (not my glasses):

My OS is Windows 7 HP & my processor is a Pentium Dual Core CPU E6300 @ 2.80 GHz, 2800 MHz 2 core with 3.24Gb of physical memory.

That's the best I can do to describe my machine. Any help would be much appreciated before I spend good money on a card that's not compatible.

Ta, ;Jasonista
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  1. Could you download a program called CPU-Z and look through all the tabs listing the information it gives you?

    You've already establised the CPU and the RAM, what version of Windows 7 HP are you using, 64 bit or 32 bit?

    We could do to know your existing graphics card (if one at all), motherboard, hard drive and power supply.

    The power supply is crucial, you'll need to open up the side of the case and look at the big blocky box with a load of power cables coming out of it, on the side of it somewhere should be a wattage rating. If you could also give a brand name (if any at all), that would be good.

    We honestly can't help much without this.
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