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Is my ram any good

So I have 2x team elite 4gb ram (8gb total)

and I was wondering if it is any good or would I see a difference in performance is i switched to something like the
Corsair Vengeance ram?

(as for my current spec it doesn’t matter because I am upgrading several parts soon.)
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    It's not a brand I would have bought but if it's working correctly you are not going to see any difference between that and Corsair or GSkill. Even going to DDR3 1600 or faster will only show you gains in benchmarks for the most part and not the real world.
  2. ok cheers, I wouldn’t of chosen it either but I came in my pc as standard and probably not worth selling out £40 - £70 for an upgrade as this is working fine and I have other components that I would rather spend my money on.
  3. If it hasn't given you any problems, then it is probably OK. You could get 1600MHz RAM with the same latencies, which is "better" than your 1333MHz.

    But first, I would download memtest86+ and test each of the 2 sticks separately and then together, if each step passes, then keep it and use the savings for another component.
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