GTX 560 Ti vs Unlocked 2GB 6950

Hello, I'm building a new computer, and the only thing I'm unsure about is the graphics card.

I have the option to buy a $250 GTX 560 Ti (MSI Twin Frozr II), or a $260 2GB 6950 (HIS). The 6950 can be unlocked to become a 6970.

Should I go with the 560 Ti or spend $10 more and (essentially) buy a 6970?
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  1. At 1920x1080 they will have about the equivalent performance (the difference between a flashed 6970, overclocked 6950 and overclocked 560 is minimal).

    At 2560x1600 the 6950 wins; both graphics cards will still be insufficient for most games at this resolution if you want any eyecandy.

    I personally recommend the 560 because my experience with nvidia drivers is slightly better than my experience with ATI/AMD drivers.

    Both the 6950 and 6970 consume more power; the 6970 (not sure about flashed) takes up ~80W more which can be significant.
  2. At higher resoultions the 69xx series will excel because of their 2G of RAM.Mostly only performance gain you will see from a 1G version and a 2G is in the 3000x1080+ resoultion.
    I have looked at some charts and most of the time the 6950 and 560 are usally tied at almost any game,if not a few FPS in either direction.I would get the 560,that Twin Frozr version is a really good one and i'm sure you can obatin a high O.C with it.Even if you had a 6970 the 560 would only be a few FPS behind it.

    Get the GTX560.
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