New Computer AI - an interface for programmers?

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I actually had hoped (and read somewhere a long time ago?) that this
new computer player by Tim would be his way of handing a means to the
community of how to interact with host. That would open up ways for
utilities that take control over micromanaging (run a script for all
your bases before you do your actual turn for example) and would
probably cause specific computer players to be developed for each

I guess that will not really happen, Tim?

Too bad. I thought that part of the success of Planets3 was the
possibility of 3rd Party Programs and computer players that tried to
outsmart themselves.

Claudius (always in hope of this superb game to become even better...)
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    Well, all hope isn't lost yet. ;-O I believe there is a chance to see
    hookins comming up, once the game went gold. One would need a reliable
    base for additional tools.
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