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I just finished a new build today and I'm having some CPU temperature issues. I'm using an Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4 ghz processor on a Asus P8z68-v pro motherboard.

When I am looking at the CPU temp in BIOS it says its 60 degrees celcius.

However when I use a Windows program like CoreTemp or the program that came with my Asus motherboard, it says that it is 34 degrees celcius.

I am using the stock heatsink that came with the processor with Arctic Fox Matrix Thermal paste.

Anyone have any ideas which reading I should use? I just want to make sure that the cpu temp is ok.
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    That sounds about right.

    While in the BIOS your CPU is basically running at full speed. You need to wait until Windows is loaded for the CPU to be throttled down.
  2. Awesome. I was thinking it would be the opposite and the cpu would be idle in BIOS. Thanks for the help.
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