Are there any computers from best buy a i5-2500k cpu can fit into?

So I was building a computer and this is the second time in a row I've gotten a bad mobo so I'm really just over all of this and need a computer like , yesterday. I got everything from new egg and want to ship it all back and I can't get a refund for any cpu's so is there any computers at maybe like best buy that would fit a 1155 socket or am I sol ?I was thinking of just buying a cheaper one and throwing the i5 2500k in it and my video card. Thanks for any help. I look at the specs on bestbuy and I just dont see anything that would tell me if it would work or not.
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  1. I would buy another motherboard and try that approach, since you already have all of the parts and you need a machine quickly. Motherboards like anything else can be faulty. If you research the owner feedback on you can try to buy a brand with better reliability, but even then there is still a risk of getting a bad one. Some brands seem to have 10% failure rate and maybe you just were unlucky twice in a row, but still the odds of a getting a new one that is good are well on your side.

    Anything you buy off the shelf that your CPU would fit in would already have a pretty expensive CPU in it, that you would take out and not use. And the machine that you buy might or might not let you take advantage of your unlocked CPU anyway.

    Your other option would be to buy a pre-built computer and try to sell your CPU to someone else.
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