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I7 2600k heatsink and cooler temperature thread

Hey guys, Ive built several systems for clients and myself, but mostly AMD systems. I am not familiar with intel, and even less so with sandy bridge. I thought i'd make a thread dedicated to seeing which heatsinks are most effective for sandy bridge. First just let me say that sandy bridge kick the crap out of AMD! My new system is at least twice as fast as any Phenom based system I have built. It was such a joy to benchmark this system. It took whatever I could throw at it and then some.

My only concern is how to cool sandy bridge since the heat is unlike what ive seen in AMD's processors. I used both a thermaltake frio and zalman cnps 9900 max in benchmarking. The frio was loud and inefficient. I like the zalman much better. However, I am uncertain how well the zalman stacks up to other coolers for sandy bridge.
Both tests of the cpu were at stock speed with vcore @ 1.18 (as low as i could get it). Load was with prime 95 for 20 minutes. btw I have a modified azza hurrican as my case.

idle: 39c
load: 63c
noise: 57 decibles
ambient: 23

idle: 35
Load: 59
noise: 20 decibles

Intel is much different than AMD. AMD continues to rise and rise and never stops. This system settles into a temperature. Do these temps seem normal to you? post your temps and coolers to find out what the best way to cool this cpu is. Also post your benchmarking scores if you like.
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  1. 2500K at 4.8GHz using 1.504v
    EK-KIT H3O - Supreme HF 360 (water cooling kit)
    Peak Prime95 load temp: 61ºC

    Note: Do not attempt to set your CPU voltage that high unless you are willing and able to buy a new CPU -- that voltage will likely shorten the CPU's life substantially.

    To keep a Sandy Bridge CPU happy for a long-term overclock:
    1. Keep the peak Prime95 core temp below 75ºC
    2. Keep the CPU voltage below 1.4v
  2. You will find an excellent source for quiet CPU cooler reviews.

    I like Noctua's air coolers. The D14 will keep a Sandy Bridge cool, even when overclocking (to some extent). Extreme overclocking will probably need more.
  3. Anyone getting as high temps as I am on a good heatsink? I have applied thermal paste and heatsinks many times before. Maybe a bad cpu? What are the temperatures variation and tolerances on sandy bridge?
  4. You're nowhere near the danger zone -- Sandy Bridge's TjMax (max safe core temp) is 98ºC.

    For a happy long-term Sandy Bridge overclock, I recommend:
    1. Keep the peak Prime95 core temps below 75ºC
    2. Keep the CPU voltage below 1.4v
  5. Check out this review of the 9900 MAX. It is particularly relevant.
  6. I read the review, and thought that was a good reference to use. I overclocked my i7 to 4.6 like in the review and ran prime95. My zalm got a delta t of 55 which is higher than what they got. My frio achieved a delta t of 58 which is a lot higher than what they got. I still think the zalman is better. Since I built my system I noticed that my azza hurrican has really terrible fans (you can barely tell what direction they are blowing). So I modified my case and swapped out the fans with some supper powerful scythe ultra kaze fans with 130 cfm. It is still moderately quite. The odd thing is that my temps went up after improving all the fans?! About 3 degrees. I am some what confused. Sandy bridge does have a pretty high tolerance for heat. About 95 being the max. What is it about this zalman cooler that makes it differ so much depending on the case and cpu? I believe maximum pc magazine rated it as being the best cooler.
  7. CPU cooling is dependent on so many factors that no two people will ever get the same results -- even if they have the exact same hardware. If you're happy with the Zalman, keep using it. I would have actually tried it myself, but I didn't like that the fan wasn't easily replaceable and you couldn't swap it out for another kind of fan. It all worked out though, as I converted to water cooling anyway.
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    59 C is a max load temperature is excellent and far under the thermal limits
  9. This information from Russia. 1. M.B-Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3 2.i5-2500k (3600 MHz ) coreV- 1.056V For cooling I,m use for CPU ZALMAN Flex with 120mm ZALMAN fan ZF-3(?) -half speed , another 2(the same)- for input(also in a half speed) and 1 in outlet mode. The cores temepature in stand-by: 33 38 35 34 C (use HW Monitor) .The power of package not exeed 6.5W Radeon HD 4850 -39-40 C During playing MKV files(10-20Gb) core temperatures- 36 39 37 39 C. Core pover: 9,7-10W Radeon- 48-49 C The system is very low-noise. Sorry for my english :hello:
  10. it's amazing how many custom brand name heatsinks are available now. i'm looking to buy one for myself, i just got done installing this nh-d14 and it's nice but not as good as i had hoped. i'm looking for one that is designed with the lga 1155 socket as it's primary mission. i have some url's to extensive reviews, but havent gone much through them yet, i have to say this thing caught my eye, and i just may have to buy it on looks alone heh.
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