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I'm looking into water cooling for my new build (along with sleeving and custom paint etc. [pretty bored :p] ). I've read a lot of the threads and topics for water cooled cases, but since I have never done it before it's difficult to filter the information for what I am trying to accomplish. I'm looking for mid size or a shorter full size tower that is capable of housing the entire water cooled setup (radiator, pump, tubing, etc.) possibly with an external reservoir. I plan on cooling a 2600k (or better depending on what is available when I finish my case), and two high end graphics cards (haven't decided which two yet). I have found a lot of suitable cases, but there seems to be a lack of cases built with USB 3.0 that are radiator friendly. Cable management is a big plus also.

USB 3.0 cases:

IN WIN Dragon Rider (has 2 USB 3.0 that needs to be routed to back of case, very large...)

Corsair Obsidian 650D (has 1 USB 3.0 needs to be routed to back of case )

Cases that seem reasonable but lack the usb 3.0:


The corsair case seems like the best option for what I am looking for at the moment. Anyone have any input / pictures of their USB 3.0 cases / suggestions? A link to a similar thread I might have missed works too :)
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    I don't think limiting yourself to USB 3.0 front panels is a good move at this point. Just wait for them to come along and buy one when you can.

    The problem is, last I checked, that it's absolutely impossible to obtain a USB 3.0 header plug. Best thing to do while we wait is get a hub.

    A small case and all that cooling are not terribly compatible. You need to do a lot of research first.

    Many cases will accept one double or maybe a triple rad. Most will be fairly large though. You will then have to have an external RAD as well.

    The proper place to learn and ask:

    You should not buy your case until you have a good grasp of how much cooling you will be needing, and all the parts involved.
  2. Thanks for the info proximon. I'll read around on the link you provided.
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