New Belkin Router Reduces Download Speed

Hi everyone.

I recently purchased the Belkin Surf N300 Wireless Router Modem. There was no problem setting up the router and getting every computer in the house connected to it. Surfing the internet is fine, barely any random disconnects (just a few, turning on and off fixed that).

However I noticed that ever since I started using this router, my download speeds are around 1/2 the speed of what i was getting with my older router (a zyxel that came with the internet package). I am on a 8 mbps connection, so torrents and direct dload speeds are usually something like 950-1000kbps. usually gave me around 900kbps. The Belkin router gives me around 420kbps torrents and direct download, with giving me around 350kbps. Switching back to the older router puts me back at the normal 900-1000 range.

I've emailed belkin but received nothing back. Any input would be highly appreciated, many thanks in advance!

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  1. forgot to mention that i've already tried disabling the firewall and that did not help.
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