Wattage & voltage of video card

how can i know wattage & voltage of video card i will buy
i mean what words i should hit on google

i tried to search video card wattage & voltage
video card specifications
but in vain
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  1. What card ? -- normally the manufacturers site will give you that info under the cards specs.
  2. yup Menifactures gives all that info/
  3. Wattage is listed on the nvidia and AMD cards list on wikipedia or on their sites.

    Video cards use the +12V rail so Watts / V = amps. Ie: 120/12 = 10 amps.

    If you are concerned about if a GPU will work in your system find the CPU wattage, add that to the GPU you want and about 50W for other components. That will be the amount of wattage you will need over 12V. If your PSU doesn't list wattage over 12V or lists amps just do the same math; amps x 12 (volts) = wattage your PSU is outputting

    google > nvidia card list or amd card list
  4. Hey Minitron, thats my line....

    The term you are looking for is TDP. Search "5870 TDP" or "GTX470 TDP" to find what your looking for.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, if your PSU doesn't list the combined output of the 12V rails, you usually CAN'T just add the single rail values together. Look for a statement on the PSU that says "12v1 + 12v2 not to exceed XXXW".
  5. 1. Go here:


    2. Hit Calculate button ... should say 88 watts ... that's the base load.

    3. Select your video card from the "Video Card" drop down (I selected GTX 570)

    4. Hit calculate again (I got 300 watts)

    5. The wattage for the card would be 300 - 88 = 212 watts in my example.

    6. Plug in all the other stuff to determine your PSU size.
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