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Finishing touches on my rig

Hey guys, I have decided to finally just order tonight from new egg this is what I already have

Hdd, Radeon 6950 Monitor and os

What I need

Cpu- I have decided to go with the 2500k

RAM- Cant choose between


Motherboard - Unless somone has a better reccomendation

Case- I am having a hard time finding a case that is in a decent price range I was thinking about the Coolermaster challanger or the HAF but I am not sure if they will fit the 2gb 6950
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  1. Nice build.
    Go with the Black RAM
    HAF 932, or HAF X.
  2. The black ram because of the lower cas timing? Also the Haf X is a little bit to expensive for me despite how awesome it is, the 922 is more in my range do you think it will take the 6950?. Anyone have any experiance with the p8p67-pro?
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    No get the Ripjaws X. DDR3 1600 cas 8 or 9 is the sweet spot for Sandy Bridge.

    The 6950 will fit in a Haf 922 just fine.
  4. What are your thoughts on the motherboard I chose?
  5. I think it's a great board as long as you do not plan on SLI/Crossfire in the future. If you are go with the UD4 ( I have the UD4 ).
  6. The P8P67 Pro is an awesome board. I prefer it to the Gigabyte just because of the cool uefi bios. I also recommend my case (surprise) the Cooler Master CM690II Advanced. It has been a pleasure to work in (after two SB builds so far)....
  7. I have been considering the p8p67 pro but I heard bad things about the uefi bios How does this board compare the the pro
  8. I like Gigabytes "old style" BIOS GUI myself but all the other motherboard manufacturers have moved to the UEFI interface. There is nothing wrong with UEFI it's just a bit different than what most people are used to.
    I believe the Pro model of that board supports Crossfire/SLI like the Gigabyte P67A UD4.
  9. I'm not an old-school computer guy personally. This was my first build and first experience messing around with the bios. For somebody like me the uefi interface is more intuitive and natural than the keyboard-only standard bios's....
  10. I also need a recommendation on a cpu cooler and I dont think the one I have from my old 775 build will transfer over. I have also decided that I need another hardrive, Seeing as how the mobo supports sata 3 any decent cheap sata 3 drives anyone would reccomend
  11. A Hyper 212+ for $30 or better Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B for $40 are both great choices. Either will get you to your chips overclock limit.

    A Samsung Spinpoint F3 500Gb or 1 TB is the best mechanical drive for your money.
    Sata 3 only matters with the newest SSDs. No mechanical drive even fully saturates SATA2 bandwith.
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  13. ORdered the mugen 2 thanks for everything all parts should be here on thursday Cannot wait :)
  14. Glad we could help. Good luck with the build.
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