Reverted Back to ATI 10.5 drivers for my crossfire setup to see gains

I don't get any FPS gains using newer drivers from ATI. I have to use 10.5 in order to get the frames i should. Installed all drivers from 10.6-11.1 and got worst performance in Crossfire. Yes i did Download Application Profiles...Still the same results
My Mobo Is Ga-790XTA-UD4.
Phenom 945 3.0Ghz.
Ultra 750 psu.
Only play BC2.
Both Cards show 98+ usage(on 10.5 drivers).
running at 73*C.
1920 X 1080p
I do have to add that one Card is XFX 5770(850 Mhz, 1200Mhz) and other is MSI Hawk 5770 (875Mhz, 1200Mhz). I did Downclock it to match the XFX.

Catalyst A.I
Was set to standard just today i switched it to Advanced and 10 more frames.... (On 10.5 Drivers)

I want to be able to utilize the newer
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  1. New drivers are released to add support for new games and may contain fixes for known issue's, Don't expect to gain performance via new drivers, The HD5770's have been out for awhile now, usually the first few drivers that are released after a new card comes out will improve performance, but after that performance will stay roughly the same.

    When I had Crossfire HD5850's I found 10.4's the most stable and gave the best performance, even compared to later drivers like 10.9.
  2. Well shouldn't New drivers with my crossfire setup at least give me better performance than a single GPU

    Put it this way. when i play BC2 with everything on high with my crossfire and 10.5 drivers....I get 60-90 FPS

    Any new drivers i get 30-40 Frames......Any ideas?

    So it is a Driver issue?
  3. In that case it seems like CF isn't working at all with newer drivers for you, I'd recommend removing all ATI drivers, then enter safe mode and run driver sweeper to completely clean out any ATI driver related software/registery entries, then try installing the latest driver which should be 11.1, double check that CF is enabled.
  4. Yeah i did all that....Still the same

    Does the catalyst A.I have anything to do with it?
  5. Yes, make sure its on at least standard, Seems like putting it on advance doesn't do much.
  6. Seem to recall reading something like catalyst AI had to be on High for CF profiles to work. I always always always have kept mine on high with no problems.
  7. Right now its on Advanced on 10.5 driver

    ill do a clean install of 11.1 drivers and see if it helps
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    I've had crossfired 4870's for a long time now and the best version I have used is the 10.5's. I have tried 10.6-10.12 and they all dropped my performance by about half. Every time I would revert back to 10.5 and watch my fps go up up.

    I have upgraded cpu sockets since orginally testing 10.5-10.12, but with testing 10.5 against 10.12 I received similar results so I figured I wouldnt investigate much farther since 10.5 worked so well, as you will see below. Tested with Battlefield Bad Company 2 at 1920 X 1200, High Settings, 2x AA, 16x AS, NO HBAO. (4x AA is certainly playable, its just not as smooth as 2x AA is.)

    PC1 PC2
    E8600 @ 4.06ghz Corei7-950 @ 3.06ghz
    ASrock x48 TwinTurbo ASrock x58 Extreme6
    4gb GSkill 6gb GSkill
    2 X 4870's Sapphire 2 X 4870's Sapphire

    PC1 - 70-90fps
    PC2 - 100-130fps

    PC1 - 30-60fps
    PC2 - 50-80fps

    I hope this help some, as its not the same card as you, its still a ATi - *clears throat* I mean AMD - driver experience story, and crossfire.

    PS- you have to have Catalyst AI set to Advanced for Xfire to work properly.


    For the Xfire profiles I used the last ATi branded ones, since to me it was logical that since I had 4870's I should stick with the ATi branded ones rather then going as far as the newer AMD styled drivers. All in my head? maybe, but I'm happy with the results, wish AA could be at 8x, but I dont even know if any ATi cards are able to go to 8x.

    Btw - I mostly only play BFBC2/V too(another reason for this post -long term AMD driver experience with xfire and BFBC2.) With side dishes of L4D2, Napoleon Total War, Civ5, SC2.
  9. I think I'm having a similar problem with my 5850... I have 10.11 (I think) installed and my performance seems far worse than 10.5 I used to have installed.

    In the next 12-18 months I am planning on getting a new card; if AMD doesn't 'fix' their driver situtation, I'll be getting an NVIDIA card.
  10. I wont do that. At least ATI is Power sufficient with their cards
    Nvidia draws too much power for my taste.....But great cards nonthaless

    Well i just reinstalled 11.1 with Advanced A.I and redownloaded Profiles...Still got tha same dang results...No gains!!!

    Went back to 10.5 and seems as though im staying here
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