Building A New PC - motherboard ??

Hey guys, I was going to build a pc for myself and was wondering on which motherboard to buy in a less cheap price with DDR3 and the new 2nd generation I core processors.

My budget is around 600 dollars for a gaming PC i want to built for myself.

Here are the specs:-

Intel i5 2400 6mb cache
HIS 6790 1GB GDDR5 Ati graphic card
CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR3 4GB-1600 4GX1 (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9) - FOR THIS a good motherboard is needed.
Western Digital 500 GB hard drive
Samsung Optical Drive

Motherboard still I am stuck on it. I am considering to buy an Msi motherboard since it offers more bus for the memory. Otherwise I would have to go for the low end RAM for the pc and buy an intel pc :/ .. What are your opinions guys? And which motherboard could be the best?
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  1. If budget is really tight, buy DDR3-1333 RAM instead. You really will not see any performance difference.
  2. I would recommend this board :

    It comes with USB3.0 as well as HDMI and 8 channel audio.
  3. Thanks guys for the reply :D Apperciate it. MSi looks good to me. And I will buy ddr3-1333 bus ram. :)
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