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I am replacing a bad motherboard with this one: FOXCONN 865M06-GV-6LS INTEL P4 511 CPU COMBO KIT (Pentium 4 511 2.8Ghz 533Fsb Sl7e2).

This Motherboard has two memory slots. My existing memory is a 1GB Crucial 184 Pin (PC3200) DDR DIMM. I want to re-use the memory module on the new FOXCONN.

I am here to ask at what MHz (FSB speed) the Motherboard needs to be set at. PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL ( and how the FSB relates to the Memory Bus Speed ) THANKS!

Please excuse me for being a novice, (been a while since I built a system) but how do I check to see what the FSB speed is on the MB? (I assume this is done in the set-up menus by hitting the "Del" key or "Tab" key during initial boot-up).

AND... will I "need to set these" in the set-up menu (BIOS) at the first boot or will the BIOS actually run without these being set 1st?

As you can see the Intel CPU is a 533FSB CPU. Here some more details....

Here are the short specs on the new MB: FOXCONN 865M06-GV-6LS with Intel Pentium 4 511 2.8Ghz 533Fsb Sl7e2
Intel Pentium® 4 processors, Socket 478
- FSB 800 / 533MHz
- Dual Channel 400 / 333MHz DDR DRAM
- Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 VGA
- Serial ATA x 2
- 5.1 channel Audio, S/PDIF-out interface (Realtek)
- 10 / 100Mbps LAN (Realtek)
- 8 USB 2.0 ports

Question... If I am buying this as a MB/CPU and the CPU is a 533FSB can I assume that the combo is "pre-set" and I will not have to do anything?

Question .... Is the Crucial PC3200 memory I have here compatible??

Lastly, can I ask you to please be very "frank" and also very thorough in your replies?

Thanks in advance to all that will provide help here!
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  1. First, let me just say that this is an ancient chipset. The board and CPU might be "new" but they are many generations behind current technology. This is something that would have been purchased in 2005.

    Here is the direct link to the processor:

    DDR stands for Double Data Rate. This means that it runs at no less than double the speed of the FSB.

    PC3200 is also called DDR 400. This is more useful as you can deduce the FSB for this RAM... 200Mhz. 200 doubled is 400.

    Your CPU actually runs with a 133mhz core clock, which is then multiplied 21 times. This results in the 2.8Ghz speed.

    The "533FSB" advertised for your processor is a bit of a marketing gimmick, but all processors are subject to this.

    So for instance a 1333mhz processor is really running on a 333Mhz FSB.

    Your RAM is FASTER than the default of the board. Based purely on the FSB, it should run DDR 266 or better. Other factors enter in though. Perhaps the board has voltage limits or such.

    You are not going to change that core speed. Rather, there will be a multiplier that you will apply to get your RAM running at the full speed. 3 * 133 = 399. So, your RAM will need a multiplier of 3 in this case.

    Can your board do this? Yes, it should be able to. Will the board work out of the box with your RAM? I cannot predict that. If the board is fully compatible with that specific RAM then it will just recognize it and adjust accordingly. Chances are GOOD that this will happen but it is not definite by any means.

    I see no Foxconn compatibility list. My best guess is yes it's compatible RAM.

    The CPU is fully compatible and should work without adjustments.
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