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Hi guys, I'm new here. I've started a new build for my friend. Everything is fine except that the video card doesn't show up in the device manager. I went to Advanced->Chipset->Primary Video Controller in the BIOS and set it to PCI-GFX0-GPP-IGFX . The onboard GPU works. I've tried uninstalling the onboard device in device manager. I can't find the option to disable onboard in the BIOS. Any ideas?
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  1. What board?

    When you install the video card and attach the monitor to it, then boot up the system, do you get a display? And does it still not see the video card although you are using it?
  2. Asus M4A88T-V EVO. I've looked through the manual BIOS explanations multiple times and haven't found a hint of disabling the onboard video. I've even screwed up the CMOS by messing with random settings. =)

    No display when I attach the monitor. I've tried both DVIs and the mini HDMI. I'm going to try putting it into my neighbor's machine tomorrow to see if it's the card. Any other possibilities other than DOA card?

    EDIT: I ran HWiNFO32, and the program lists the onboard as PCI. Is this normal, or is this maybe why the BIOS is choosing onboard over the PCIe card?
  3. It's attached to the PCI bus, so yes it's fine. I've used that board in builds but never with a discrete GPU.

    Is this a higher powered video card that needs a power connection or two from the PSU?

    If that's not it it's either the slot or the card that's broke ;)
  4. This is why it helps to list your full system specs please.......

    Nobody can help you when they are guessing what you have.

    Did you plug in the pci-e power cables to the video card??
  5. Fortunately I did remember to plug in the power. =) Minimum rating for the card is 450W, +12V@30something amps; my PSU does 650W, +12V@52A. The PSU doesn't seem to be the problem. What information do you need? I don't want to post any superfluous information, but if you need something specific I can get it for you.

    I'll edit this when I get the chance to try the other x16 slot and/or test the card in a working box.
  6. Ok well I just reloaded Windows last night after replacing mobo, ram and cpu and my video card didn't show up either until I installed the video cards drivers.

    I'm sure there is a bios option to disable onboard video, but in my experience, if you have a card in the pci-e slot and it's plugged in correctly the board automatically disables onboard video.
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