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Upgrading GeForce 9400 GT

Hi, I currently have a computer that was built for me 2-3 years ago and I want to do a little bit of upgrading.

I have a NVIDIA Geforce 9400 GT video card that I would like to upgrade/get a better one.

My motherboard is MG-63Mi-7159 or NVIDIA nForce 630i/7150(as found on newegg).

The motherboard supports(also found on newegg):
-2 PCI Slots
-1 PCI Express X1 Slot
-1 PCI Express X16 Slot

I've searched for about an hour and couldn't find a video card significantly better than the 9400 GT that will fit in my motherboard. Please help?

My budget is $150 for both the video card and motherboard(if needed to buy another one).
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  1. You can buy any recent vintage video card that fits your budget to place in your open PCIe x16 slot. For that price, your best bet is the GTX460 768MB version. There are several available on Newegg, many at ridiculous prices after rebates, compared to what they were just a couple months ago.

    Of course, you will have to have a power supply that meets the minimum requirements (~450 watts).
  2. I don't quite understand the GDDR stuff but can those video cards fit/fill my motherboard's DDR2?

    Edit: I found out that it can, but forgot to mention that only about 7 inches in length could fit in my case. Thanks though! I can search again with a wider range of cards now.
  3. That will be a pretty small video card. I wonder how big the GTS450 is?
  4. you are fine with this one:
    because it draws less power than gtx 460,has directx11,horsepower,bang for bucks:D
  5. Without knowing what cpu and psu you have, nobody can make an educated recommendation on a video card.

    Mrjericho1991, how could you possibly recommend a 5770 without knowing if his processor or psu can even keep up?
  6. bc jericho is an idiot he just recommends whatever he feels

    to the op the ddr2 on your video card has nothing to do with the memory on your motherboard, it is completely independent, like matto says get a 768mb gtx 460 if you have the psu and cpu for it so you need to give us your full system specs like geekapproved said
  7. If you are saying that you need a card that can fit a 7 inch space in your case, then your choices are limited. The GTS 450 is just over 7 inches, up to 8 inches. The 9400 GT is around 6.4 inches.

    For reference, if you are shopping on Newegg, you can look at Asus cards for general size because they include length specifications, even if you don't buy an Asus.
  8. Why don't you buy a new case for $50 and then you can put anything into you want, well not anything, but it'll fit at least a HD5850 size card. (11" I think)

    $44.95 after rebate w/free shipping. Better hurry. This is a great case and I recommend it to anyone.
  9. A GT430 or a HD5570 would be the best fit for the same power consumption and size profile as your 9400GT. Depending on your CPU and PSU rating you could choose to increase your power consumption profile.
  10. Thanks for the replies.

    For the size, more than 7 inches won't fit in my case and motherboard because there are wires and things sticking out of my motherboard to the left of the video card.
    I'm not sure what my power wattage is because there are no stickers on the power box.

    Not sure what kind of specs I should post but
    -Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz (4 CPUs), ~ 2.7GHz
    -Memory: 4096MB Ram
    -Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    I also would like to avoid buying multiple parts, kind of just want to only buy a new video card if possible.

    How does a Geforce GT 240 sound?
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    You would have to open the case to see the label on the PSU. Anyways because the limit is 7 inches and you've got a pretty good cpu the best choice is probably a HD5670. This Asus 1GB should be ok.

    I like HIS versions of the 5670 but it appears the cooler extends a bit past 7 inches.
  12. The GTX 460 isn't vintage, if you want vintage then something like a Geforce 256 ddr agp will fall in that category. The GTX 460 will blow your current card away.
  13. I really appreciate you all for taking time to reply to my request. :)
    Ok, my computer is 500W.

    The HD5670 looks pretty good.
    -Min. 400W needed
    -$100($80 after mail-in rebate)
    -Significantly better than my current card

    Looks like I'm set to go but any more suggestions?
  14. A cheap 500w psu is equivelent to a quality 350-400w psu. Keep that in mind.
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