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Hi people, I'm looking for a new case for my next system:
Intel 2600k
Asus P8Z68 Deluxe
Gskill 2x4GB Ripjaws X
Sapphire 5850 xtreme
Corsair TX650v2

I've been searching and found some that I like:
CoolerMaster CM690 II Advanced - around 100€ -
Zalman Z9 Plus - around 60€ -
Xigmatek Utgard - around 80€ -
Lancool PC-K62 - around 90€ -
and some Corsair and Lian-li ones I cannot afford..

So the question is: Which one? I can afford the more expensive one (CM) but I would prefer to get the most bang for buck case I can find. Please give me your ideas and Opinions. Bear in mind I live in Portugal so a lot of cases aren't easily available compared to another places. I like sober with simple design cases, with good airflow, lots of room and a window. The more fans and future-ready (ports or standards), the better.

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  1. I like Antec cases.

    The P183 might suit you - I think you can get a window for it (I prefer it without). It's a good size case, excellent ventilation, and can be made really quiet.
  2. Honestly, I like it. P183 and P193 are very nice cases but they are way far from the maximum price I'm willing to pay (around 100€). P183 V3 sells here for approximately 150€.. I don't wanna see P193 price :ange:
  3. Antec 1200
    Fractal Design Define XL Full Tower Case
    Cooler Master HAF 922 Case - Black
  4. Price is a essential point. I cannot afford any of these. (For comparison, the Fractal Design R3 sells for 120€, XL is way more!)
  5. Coolermaster 912 plus
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