No Newegg SuperCombo for the current System Builder's Marathon?

The previous two System Builder Marathon's had combo specials set up at Newegg, is the March iteration going to get one? And if it does.. is there any possibility NewEgg can do one for the $1000 and $500 builds as well?

Older articles for reference:,2828.html,2753.html
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    Well, I asked Newegg. Don't know if I will get an answer, but I submitted your question.
  2. Thanks! I thought it was a great feature when I saw it added to the previous builds. Seems like a win-win situation, TH readers save money and NewEgg gets more customers!
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  3. Any word from newegg? Love the specs and I'm thinking about building it myself.
  4. They gave me a 10 percent off coupon (on a single item) for being such a dedicated customer. Evidently they are not planning on a package discount for these configurations.
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