Computer Upgrade..? which processor I should choose


I am upgrading my PC. But I dont know which processor I should choose.
Here is my pc configuration
Mother board: asus m2n 68 am se2
Current Processor: athlon 64 x2 dual core 4400+
Ram: 3 GB 800 MHz
Graphics Card: NVDIA 8600 GT ddr3
Monitor : LG LED monitor.

I just want to upgrade my processor. Please only suggest me dual core processor.

Thanks in advance
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    Is this your mobo?

    You can get an Athlon II X3 but you need to update the BIOS to the newest version first. Dual core Athlon II X2 but better get the triple core.
  2. yeah, mosox is right. if thats your board, it supports basically everything and you can get a triple core for just a few more bucks..why not? an extra core for ~$10 USD shouldnt break the bank. a better video card should be in the works for you, too. 8600gt is a mighty out-dated card.
  3. Thanks all of you guys... I will go for triple core.. should I choose athlon or phenom
  4. Athlon. Nothing above 100 watts TDP.

    sweet spot for price performance, should be on par with new i3s in most situations for a lot less :)
  6. But My motherboard doesnt support am3 processors. It only supports am2+ and am2.
    For AMD Athlon II X3 455 Rana I need bios version 1807. But for my motherboard a407 is the last version released by asus.
  7. ^You said Mosox posted the right link to your motherboard. According to that, your motherboard will support AM3 and ASUS released BIOS update up to 0603.
  8. SO which processor I should choose? athlon II x3 445 or phenom II x3 740..?
  9. I'd go for the Phenom II x4 955 too, £92 ish.
  10. Sorry, dual core Phenom II x2 560, about £73
  11. Your board supports the 955BE so if its in your budget get it.
  12. Thank you guys.. I will go for 955BE .. I thinks it is worth for what I am paying...
  13. ^Good choice. Before you buy the 955BE. Download the new BIOS and update your motherboard first. Only when you are successful with the BIOS update should you buy the new processor.
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